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Investment in Bossier Casino Venture

On 26 January 2012, TGL incorporated a subsidiary, Margaritaville Investments Holding Pte Ltd ("MIH"). On 9 February 2012, MIH acquired Margaritaville 14% Senior Notes together with Common Shares in Bossier Casino Venture (Holdco), Inc. ("Bossier Casino") which is interest bearing at the interest rate of 14% per annum with maturity date of 6 years. The investment will generate regular income for TGL and provide TGL with the opportunity to own approximately 5% interest in a resort casino development in the USA.

Group's Focus

Besides real estate investments in Singapore, the Group will be exploring viable opportunities in Asia with a strategic focus on growth markets such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia, so as to maintain its commitment to diversify its real estate investment portfolio both in terms of scope and geography.

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