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Rancamaya Estate is a prime residential estate surrounded by a backdrop of mountainous views of Mount Salak, Pangrango and Gede, located about an hour's drive from Jarkata via Jagorawi Toll Road. Rancamaya Estate offers medium to high-end landed housing nestled in the foothills of Mount Salak in Ciawi area, Bogor.

The Estate has four phases of development, with a licensed development area of approximately 778 hectares.

Phase 1, known as Rancamaya 1, was launched in 1993 and involved the development of a land area of approximately 400 hectares. At Rancamaya 1, more than 25 clusters of premium residential development with more than 1,200 homes and golfing facilities have been developed. There are plans to develop approximately 25 hectares of the remaining area on the Northern part of Rancamaya 1 in the third quarter of 2016. This development will consist of medium to large sized housing, and facilities such as school, clinic and recreation area, as well as for commercial use.

Phase 2, ("Rancamaya 2"), will involve the development of a land area of approximately 75 hectares located on the Southern part of Rancamaya 1. Phase 3 ("Rancamaya 3") and Phase 4 ("Rancamaya 4") will involve the development of a land area of approximately 100 hectares and 48 hectares respectively.

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Harvest City

Harvest City is a township project marketed as "A City of Prosperity", which is located in the Cibubur-Cileungsi area, 15 kilometres east of Jakarta and 35 kilometres from Jakarta's Central Business District. Launched in 2008, Harvest City is the desired choice for homes with its proximity to Jakarta. It has a large land bank of approximately 1,050 hectares and focuses on building communities with its interwoven low to medium-end housing developments, mixed-use properties and various facilities to accommodate homeowners' needs. The Harvest City masterplan projects a fully integrated township with facilities for lifestyle, entertainment, education, healthcare and worship.

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Royal Tajur

Royal Tajur is a residential development situated in the Central Business District of Tajur in the City of Bogor. It offers modern homes with magnificent views of Mount Salak for homeowners and sits on a land bank of approximately 81.7 hectares.

The first phase of Royal Tajur, which consists of 258 residential houses on a land area of approximately 7.2 hectares, was launched and sold in June 2012. Following the success of its first phase, the second phase of Royal Tajur with the expansion of another 48.5 hectares of land for developing residential houses was successfully launched in 2015. Royal Tajur's proximity to the city centre of Bogor has been a key factor in the sales of its residential housing.

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