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Ultron Techniques Pte Ltd ("Ultron") is a subsidiary of Top Global Limited, a public company listed on Singapore Exchange. Ultron is mainly a technology enabler that focuses on providing SMART solutions to various industries, in particular, the hospitality segment.

Our SMART solutions include system, technology and products to link end to end processes from booking to check-in/out and payment. Our feature in facial recognition etc. will promote high efficiency for operators and add sense of security to stay in guests. Our solutions are targeted to increase connectivity, efficiency and security for our customers.

On system and technology, we provide a full integrated system from Property Management System ("PMS"), self check-in/out kiosks to lock and security system. Our self check-in/out kiosks caters to self-check in/out, walk-in and payment of various in-house services. It is fully integrated to Ultron PMS that carries a full range of functionalities including accounting ledgers.

On value added services, we perform Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management for customers too.

System Services
1. Automated Front Desk Concierge
2. Property Management System
3. SMART Security System
4. Visitor Management System
5. Dynamic Pricing System
6. Mobile Frontdesk Concierge
7. Robotic Inspector
1. Property Management
2. Dynamic Pricing Services
3. OTA Market Intelligence

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