Ultron is an end-to-end technology enabler that provides Smart solutions to various industries, in particular, the hospitality segment.

Our modular suite of technology solutions comes in services and applications that are seamlessly integrated, easy to implement, taking care of both front and back end operations. They also can be adopted as standalone solutions. These solutions are targeted to help the under-served fragmented segment within the hospitality market to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our holistic end-to-end solution is backed by our Property Management System (“PMS”) that seamlessly integrates both front end and back end operations. Front end solutions such as self-service kiosks and mobile app are connected to our smart access system to ensure smooth guest experience. Back end solutions such as revenue management and housekeeping modules are also targeted to improve performance and cost savings.

By adopting our products and services, not only will you experience significant improvement in cost and productivity, digitization will help to reduce unnecessary contact and exposure for all parties.